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  What Are Your Human Resources Challenges?                  

Challenge #1:  Employee and human resources issues are overwhelming and time spent focusing on the business is being compromised.


Our human resources solutions are designed to assist you with handling employee-related challenges as it relates to employee discipline, performance management, training development, health care reform, as well as policy & procedures implementation and HRIS maintenance.

HR Services



Challenge #2:  As a federal contractor, you need to ensure government compliance as it relates to health & safety, employment regulations, as well as new veteran, female, and people with disability requirements.


We specialize in implementing military recruitment initiatives that ensure compliance of new government regulations.  Our expertise also includes assistance with NLRB/union avoidance, OSHA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, ADA, and other employment-related requirements.



1-14 Employees


15-49 Employees


50-99 Employees


100+ Employees



Challenge #3: You have a difficult to fill specialty/niche position or high-volume vacancies that need to be filled immediately.


We have expertise in high-volume and specialty recruitment in industries including but not limited to: retail, services, hospitality, manufacturing, aviation, information technology, and food and beverage. 

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Challenge #4: Increased global marketplace demands make it difficult for internal human resources to manage the necessary expatriate support services.



We provide real-world solutions to our clients’ complex human resources and business challenges such as the administration and services needed to support expatriate populations.


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